Direct Access to Developers

Unlike with a contracting agency or many outsourced development firms, when you work with Jetstream you are always working directly with developers and people who understand technology. We don't hide the fact that we are a technology company behind layers of bureaucracy. At Jetstream our focus is on writing great software and assisting our clients with their technology needs. You won't need to deal with intermediates that don't understand the technology. Here is what you can expect:

  • Expect our engineers and consultants to speak your language
  • Expect our team to learn your goals and objectives
  • Expect our analysts to document your requirements
  • Expect us to transition knowledge at project's end
  • Expect our team to treat you with respect
  • Expect that we will provide you with ideas and alternatives
  • Expect to be presented with opportunities that deliver higher ROI
  • Expect a good faith estimate of impacts when requirements change
  • Expect to receive work product that meets your needs