Mike Moskowitz


Mike Moskowitz

VP of Operations

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About Mike

Mike Moskowitz is the founder and CEO of Jetstream Software. With over 20 years experience developing shrink-wrap software and services and Mike has contributed to some of the industry's most important products, including Microsoft NT, Office, and BackOffice.

Previously, Mike was director of development for a consumer software publisher. Mike has a degree in computer science and mathematics from MIT. While at MIT he worked on several research projects for the Artificial Intelligence Lab. Mike is a frequent speaker at various industry groups. He has contributed talks or articles on object-oriented design, software methodology, C++ programming, XML and Web Services to several technical journals and conferences including the Microsoft Professional Developer's Conference (PDC), the premier event for Microsoft developers, and was the only non-Microsoft speaker at their inaugural MFC conference.

Mike is active in the local software community, serving on the board of the Washington Software Alliance, the state's industry trade group. Mike also runs the Developers Group for the WSA, where he brings local and national speakers to Seattle for monthly meetings. He has chaired the WSA's semiannual three day Developer's Seminar for several years, including the most recent seminars on XML and Web Services.

Mike is the architect of Jetstream's first product InstallWizard for MFC, the first commercially available add-on for Microsoft's C++ Foundation Classes, which was acquired by Microsoft and incorporated into their Visual Studio product in 1996. Mike also wrote the Office Developer's MFC Toolkit, which Jetstream developed for Microsoft.

email mikem@jetstreamsoftware.com